Webel ISP

Launched in the month of September 2003 Webel ISP has approximately 30,000 customers at Kolkata, districts, rural West Bengal and Sikkim. The Internet Service has been distributed so far through 50 master control rooms / multi service operators to reach common people at a very affordable price. The concept was very indigenous and innovative for distribution of the Internet service at all the corners of the State. Apart from domestic customers over 50 large demanding corporate customers are connected through Cable Operators directly to the Salt Lake Electronics Complex and several Corporate. The facility provides quality Internet service across the rural areas to increase social & economic stability and opportunity, new channels for learning, better communication with Govt. and improvements in health care and welfare services. Moreover, this is going to be the first step to make the rural India the back office of urban India including tele-education, tele-medicine, e-governance, entertainment as well as employment generation by way of high-speed access to information and web based communication. The thought process is in line with the India Governments IT Policy to spread Internet Service everywhere.

  • Advantages of Webel ISP Broadband
  • Our ISP network is directly connected / routed through submarine cable standard OFC network through I-2-I Chennai-Singapore default international route as well as other submarine cable default international route. We are having redundancy in both backbone & access network.
  • Webel ISP provides Internet Bandwidth through High End Cisco Switch solely assigned for customer offices through dedicated optical fibre core where Customers equipments can be terminated. Webel ISP provides separate subnet to customers with required number of public IPS.
  • 24-hrs Internet connection.
  • 24-hr network monitoring through competent professional in Webel ISP Network Operations Centre, SDF building, Salt Lake Electronics Complex. Our 24 X7 help desk no. 23577965/7539 , 32994006).
  • Direct connection to high speed Internet infrastructure (end-to-end OFC network) of reputed organization having international gateway.
  • High quality data and image file transfer.
  • 99.5% network uptime for which SLA will be provided.

Bandwidth(1:1) in Kbps Price per month
512 Rupee Symbol 10,666.66
1024 Rupee Symbol 21,333.33
1536 Rupee Symbol 32,000.00
2048 Rupee Symbol 42,666.66
3072 Rupee Symbol 63,999.99
4096 Rupee Symbol 85,333.33
5120 Rupee Symbol 1,06,666.65
6144 Rupee Symbol 1,27,999.98
7168 Rupee Symbol 1,49,333.31
8192 Rupee Symbol 1,70,666.64
9216 Rupee Symbol 1,91,999.97
10240 Rupee Symbol 2,13,333.30