Smart card based solutions

Webel enabled West Bengal to become the first state among all to implement the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Govt of India's directive for standardization of transport applications in the entire country by way of 'Smart Card' based Driving License & Registering Certificate using 'Sarathi' and 'Vahan' thus bringing uniformity in the system throughout the country.

Smart Card, a small electronic device, resembling a credit card in size and shape, contains an embedded microprocessor, "Smart" enough to hold its own data / information with possibility of reading/ writing information any number of times.

  • The Smart Card brings
  • Easy retrieval of information
  • Self Tracking / Data / Transaction Flow with the carrier
  • High security on improved Law enforcement
  • Scaleable and inter-operable system
  • Easy to get the card updated on payment of Tax / Penalty, etc
  • Complete Check on duplicity & Forgery
  • Inter-operability throughout the country