WBEIDC Limited - WML Division

WBEIDC Limited WML Division is engaged in Designing, Manufacturing, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of different kinds of electronic equipment, products and systems. WML Division does business all over the country.

WML Division is engaged in various business area such as Studio / Broadcasting / Transmission Electronics, Community Radio Station Equipment / Projects, Strategic Electronics / Defence Applications, Electronic Assistive Devices for People with Disabilities, Noise Pollution Measurement / Control Equipment, Fire Detection & Alarm System Projects, Biometric / RFID based Security / Surveillance System and Scanning / Digitization & Document Management System Projects.

We are a major manufacturer / supplier of Community Radio Station Equipment throughout the country, such as, FM Transmitter, Digital Phone-in-Program Console, Audio Amplifiers, Audio Mixing Consoles, etc.

WBEIDC Limited - WML Division has designed and developed Sound Level Meter and Sound Limiter as per specification provided by West Bengal Pollution Control Board. WML division regularly manufactures and supplies these equipment. Law enforcement agencies like Police and Pollution Control Boards require Sound Level Meter. Sound System operators require Sound Limiters for compliance as per Orders from National Green Tribunal.

WBEIDC Limited - WML Division has developed Electronic Braille Reading System the visually impaired persons and supplied the system at various special schools for the visually impaired and also at the resource centres for inclusive education under Sarva Shiksha Mission.

Prior to amalgamation of Webel Units, WML Division was known as Webel Mediatronics Limited. The Company received awards and recognitions for executing various technology development projects successfully namely, Skoch Order-of-Merit Award in 2018 for Development of Electronic Braille Reading System, National Award for R&D effort for development of assistive devices and software products for the persons with disabilities from Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India in 2010-11.

  • Community Radio Station (CRS)
  • Webel (WML Division) undertakes projects to establish Community Radio Stations ( CRS ) as per guidelines of Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India. Heart of the station is 50W FM transmitter, manufactured by Webel. The transmitter has stereo encoder for high end stereo transmission. It covers 10 Km radius or more. We already have executed about 90 CRS all over the country. Transmitter is designed with latest generation of technology and provides unmatched performance. It is very user friendly, reliable for 24x7 operation and also cost effective. The front panel ergonomics offer easy start up, running, monitoring and shut down of the unit. The control and protection are fully processor based. In-house manufacturing facility of transmitter gives user added advantage for maintenance over other suppliers in the country.
  • Noise Pollution Control
  • Sound Level Meter: Sound Level Meter (SLM-04) is designed according to the specification outlined by West Bengal Pollution Control Board. This is a type-2 sound level measuring instrument useful for measurement of sound / noise level at public place, factories, workspace etc. It is a battery operated handheld instrument having a suitable carrying case. The instrument provides 500ms and 200ms time weighted reading of sound level which is selectable through front panel switches. Leq measurement can be done for a fixed time interval of 1-30 minutes, with one minute resolution. A Graphic LCD display shows the readings. Active filters are used for implementation of A & C weighting frequency characterization. Two selectable measurement ranges are available: Low (40dB - 90dB) and High (80dB - 130dB).
  • Sound Limiter
  • The Sound Limiter (PAL 02) is a self contained unit; built around reliable solid state devices. The unit is easy to install and can be connected with a wide range of Amplifiers of different ratings and make. It doesn't require any external control. One LED provided at the front panel indicates the status on/off of the unit, while BARGRAPH indicates the presence of audio in the limiter and it is in operation. When interfaced with Amplifier the Sound Limiter unit feeds AC power to the Amplifier. The limiter device automatically adjusts the input level of the Amplifier so as to keep the desired dB level to a fixed value even if the volume control of the amplifier demands for a higher output. The limit is preset internally at our works and is tamper protected. User is not permitted to attempt any adjustment in the unit as it could damage the limiter. One Limiter unit is sufficient to limit and provide the identical output level for multiple Speakers connected to a single amplifier.
  • Electronic Braille Reading System
  • WBEIDC Limited - WML Division has developed the paperless Braille reading system for the visually impaired. The device has refreshable Braille display of 40 characters in one line and a few control keys. Visually impaired persons can read a file / book / document from a PC in Braille at his own speed. Supports Hindi, English and Bengali languages.

    Unlimited reading material can be made available in Braille electronically to visually impaired students / persons. The system is ideally suitable at Public Libraries, Special Schools for Visually Impaired, Resource Centres for Inclusive Education etc.

For further information write to:info.wml@webel-india.com