Continuous Air Quality Monitoring Stations

Continuous Air Quality Monitoring Stations

Webel has tie-up with CAT's as Technology partner for providing low cost solutions to Air Quality Monitoring System in the state & to entire Eastern India. The solution is unique in nature with the following features:

Single Laser beam with spectral bandwidth of 400nm to 1100 nm measures all the pollutants, suspended particles and metrological parameters.

Beam travels a maximum distance of 5Km and photo-diodes mounted on the device receives the back scattered signal (at 0.1% to 0.01% intensity of the source). As per Rayleigh Scatter phenomena, molecular scatter is possible and based on this identity and intelligent information of the scatterer.

Simultaneous Sensing of light intensity & position with positional resolution of 10nm.

1000 data points are gathered in 1 millisecond and Processed though AI application in cloud server.

The photonic sensing technology is independent of conventional technologies like GC-MS, or Opsis, DOAS, or LiDAR or any other equivalent gas analyzer like Gas Chromatography, Chemoluminiscence, UV Fluorescence etc.

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