General Election Management System (GEMS)

General Election Management System (GEMS)

Web Based Interactive Election Monitoring System for State Election Commission, West Bengal

State Election Commission, West Bengal is vested with superintendence, direction and control of the entire process for conducting elections to the Local Government viz. Panchayat Elections and Municipal Elections in the State of West Bengal in accordance with the Constitution of India. For that the Commission wanted to develop an interactive portal for conducting the Panchayat General Election in the state with provisions for activities of Election Commission in pre-poll, polling and counting phases making the activities of the Commission transparent.

West Bengal Electronics Industry Development Corporation Limited, popularly known as Webel was entrusted with the responsibility for developing, implementing and maintaining such an portal.

Webel, being the nodal agency of the Government of west Bengal for developing IT, Electronics and ITES industry in the State, acts as a single-window support centre for all services required by the IT & ITES investors in the state. Webel has its own team of experienced, young and spirited professionals with relevant experience and capabilities from creating IT infrastructure for the state of West Bengal to Web Portal development and legacy records digitization. Webel has made noteworthy achievements in a range of verticals.

Webel has developed and implemented the unique solution for Election Management during Panchayat General Election 2013 and two Municipal General Elections in 2014. The system was designed to be installed and run from either the client's or Webel's web server, which can be accessed from any location through Internet.

The targeted users of the web based EMS portal was the employees of Office of the State Election Commissioner, West Bengal and its subordinate offices. Super Administrator was given a backend control panel for doing all the Administrative Job. Designated Admin Staffs were meant to have backend access for limited modules as defined by the Super Admin. Users at DEO/SDO/RO/BDO level were given limited access to enter data under their jurisdiction from the office of the respective Returning Officers and allowed to generate limited reports required for office of the DEO/SDO/RO/BDO.

» Customization and Development of a user friendly interactive web based Election Management System (EMS)
» Maintenance of the Software.
» Training of personnel in use of web application
» Implementation & roll out of the project

» No special configuration or changes are need on users PCs
» Lower costs
» Centralized data is secure and easy to backup
» Updates can be made quickly and easily
» Information is accessible to a wide audience anywhere in the world
» Everybody can access through browser
» Always up-to-date


1. Pre Poll Phase
» Nomination
» Cancellation
» Contesting Candidate List

2. P-1/ P-2 Day
» Polling Party Reached in PS
» Polling Party Reached in RC
» Polling Party Reached in PS Report
» Polling Party Not Yet Reached in PS Report
» Polling Party Reached in RC Report
» Polling Party Not Yet Reached in RC Report

3. Poll Day
» Poll Start Entry
» Poll stated Report
» Poll not yet started Report
» Poll closed Entry
» Poll Closed Report
» Poll not yet Closed Report
» Voter Turnout Entry
» Voter Turnout 2 Hourly Report
» Voter Turnout Reports

4. Counting Phase
» Registration of Counting Centre
» Registration of Counting Hall
» Counting Centre List
» Vote Count Entry
» Vote Leading Report
» Voting Result
» List of Winning Candidate List

5. Administration
» Create Role
» Create User
» Prepare Master Data

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