Our Profile and Prospects

Webel was incorporated on 4th. February, 1974 to shape the Electronics Industry in West Bengal. The past few years have witnessed a gradual acknowledgment of the strategic advantages of Bengal, a maturing socio-political attitude & an appreciation of the proactive efforts by the Government & other key stakeholders to further strengthen Bengal's value proposition & reinforce its position as a destination of corporate choice. With the introduction of the Information Technology Policy of Government of West Bengal in 2000, Webel fast adapted itself to the changing scenario to suit the requirements of the IT and ITeS industries and geared up to function as the nodal agency entrusted with the responsibility of bringing West Bengal to the forefront of the knowledge industry in India by way of taking a number of proactive initiatives along with facilitating Private Sector Participation in the sector.
Today Webel plays the role of the nodal agency for the state government, with two distinctivefacets:
The first, assisting the State Government in nurturing the Electronics & IT industry of the State, which has seen remarkable growth in the last four years. In this role Webel facilitates the growth of the industry by a host of measures, such as ensuring the availability of quality infrastructure in the form of land/buildings for the investors, ensuring last mile connectivity and also facilitating processes of clearances that are required to set up business in the knowledge based industry sector in the State. Thus Webel forms a single window to new investors as well as nurtures existing investors who are working in the State. In addition to the firm efforts that are more focused on the immediate business requirements, Webel is also driving a series of concentrated efforts to structurally address the talent concerns of the Electronics & IT/ITES industry , development of core competencies & initiating focused efforts to streamline the internal business margins, address a larger market base & enhance ethical practices. Such continued emphasis will contribute to long term payoffs & will structurally strengthen Webel into a profitable company.

Internet Bandwidth

Webel has brought quality Internet Bandwidth to Corporate, Educational Institutions, Hospitals and many other organizations across the State at an affordable price keeping a very high uptime with an aim to providing quality Internet service across the rural areas to increase social & economic stability and opportunity, new channels for learning, better communication with Govt. and improvements in health & welfare. This is the first step to make the rural India the back office of urban India including tele-education, tele-medicine, e-governance, entertainment as well as employment generation by way of high speed access to information and web based communication.