Land allotment related notification
Land Availability and Allotment by WBEIDC View Details
Notification on evaluation of land allotment WBRTPS Act View Details
Land Allotment Notification No: 32 View Details
Letter No. 508 View Details
Notification No 510 query timeline View Details
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Notification No 513 Process View Details
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Building plan sanction related notification
Authorizing WBIDC for buiding plan sanction View Details
Notification regarding timelines for processing of Online application for building plan sanction, plint inspection and occupancy certificate View Details
Notification empowering Webel to issue building plan sanction through Shilpasathi for all property under their aegis 15.01.2019 View Details
Order from ACS Regarding Site Inspection Report View Details
Procedure and Checklist for online application, as mandate by BRAP (Business Reforms Action Plan) 2019 View Details
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