Webel Electronic Communication Systems Ltd.

The Company initially had a microprocessor-based product line which mostly served Defense, Railways and MTNL (Mumbai). One of the notable achievements was the indigenous development, manufacturing, supply and maintenance of the 100k lines Automatic Message Accounting (AMA) Systems for Electromechanical Exchanges of Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL), Mumbai during 1990-91 against a global tender. With the advent of electronic exchanges this product has become obsolete.

  • In the more recent past, WECS has handled the extremely important project of setting up and Maintenance of the Computerized Electoral Database of West Bengal. This is perhaps the first time when a work of such dimensions has been carried out in the State. The main highlights of the project were:
  • Preparation of Electors' Photo Identity Card (EPIC) for West Bengal
  • Transliteration of Electoral Data from English to any Regional Language and vice-versa
  • Integration and Consolidation of Electoral Rolls
  • Implementation of State-wide database of 4.8 crore electors
  • Management of the Data Transmission Operations over a WAN linking all Counting Centers to the State Headquarters and further to the Election Commission of India, New Delhi during General Elections 1998 and 1999
  • Work for the Instant Electors' Photo Identity Card (EPIC: 2000-01) Project for 40 lakh voters of five districts of West Bengal started.
  • WESC has played a major role in the Metro Rail Automatic Fare Collection System's Magnetically coded ticket.

WECS was also appointed as the State Level Agency (SLA) by the Election Commission of India to provide consultancy services to the Commission on all EPIC and IT related activities in West Bengal. The SLA of the Election Commission as well as the profitable business with EPIC and Electoral Roll that WECS had been carrying out had to be transferred along with key technical persons to Webel Technology Ltd.

WECS has proved its excellence is in the field of Telemedicine. WECS is the pioneer in executing the Telemedicine projects with the cutting edge technology in the Government Hospitals of West Bengal and Tripura. WECS has to its credit three Telemedicine projects for West Bengal and two Telemedicine projects for Tripura. Phase I and Phase II of the West Bengal projects have been successfully executed, the former having 1 Referral and 2 Nodal Centres and the latter having 2 Referral and 4 Nodal Centres. Work for Phase III with 3 more Referral and 4 more Nodal Centres is going on. In the state of Tripura WECS has been implementing 2 Telemedicine projects. In the 1st project there are 2 Referral and 4 Nodal centers that is in the final stage of completion. In the 2nd project in Tripura there are 6 more Nodal centers whose implementation is being stated from May.2006. So far over 3000 patients in West Bengal and about 500 patients in Tripura have been benefited through telemedicine.

The Company's principal strength is its flagship product - the Video Surveillance System. WECS has the expertise to provide turnkey solutions for existing and emerging security challenges of customers on a wide variety of platforms - on-site/remote monitoring, analog/digital video, transmission over ordinary telephone line, co-axial cable or fiber optic backbone. In fact, WECS is today the most trusted name for all video surveillance requirements of the Indian Museum, Kolkata and the Correctional Homes in Kolkata and the districts of West Bengal.

WECS has recently developed and supplied a Video Conferencing System for On-line Court Session between courts and jails to avoid movement of under-trials from custody. WECS has also identified market for Mobile Jammers for the Correctional Homes in Kolkata for restriction of mobile communication by the convicts. A pilot project for installation of Mobile Jammers for Alipore Jail is in progress.

In the service sector WECS has utilized its vast experience in microprocessor-based systems in maintaining the Automatic Fare Collection and Passenger Control (AFC-PC) System of Metro Railway, Kolkata competently for over four years. WECS has acquired the necessary skills for undertaking similar projects in automatic transit systems for other upcoming Metros in India.

With the motivation to survive in the liberated market and as a part of diversification, WECS has entered into the trade of Air-Conditioning System, and has earned acclamation for rehabilitation and maintenance of the A.C. Plants at three stations of Metro Railway, Kolkata. The infrastructure and credential so gained will help to bring further business for WECS.

In its continuous urge for further growth, WECS has identified its future products as development of a Health Information Management System for effective health sector monitoring, and an Integrated Security System for Banks.


» The Award of Excellence (First Prize) by the Department of IT (erstwhile Department of Electronics), Government of India in the year 1990 under Industrial Electronics , Control & Instrumentation.

» The National Award for e-Governance for the year 2004, by the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, Government of India for exemplary implementation of e-governance initiative on the Telemedicine Project in West Bengal under the category 'Outstanding Performance in Service Delivery'.

» The Skoch Challenger Award 2005, for the Telemedicine project.